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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scuba dive Maui

Are you interested in Scuba Diving? Maui has some awesome sites to experience even if you’ve never done it before. I for one am a lazy diver. That means boat diving for me. Shore diving is beautiful but on a boat there is someone to help me into the vessel, change my gear for me, help me get into my gear again for the next dive and then they do all the cleaning afterwards! How much better can it get? My experience with many shore dives, is, fight through the surf carrying about 75 lbs of gear, walk though waves, fight to get my fins on, long surface swims, then coming back is the worst! I always seam to get knocked down and pummeled in the sand somewhere along the exit route. Then I have to haul my tired carcass through the surf, drag myself up the shore, then stagger to the shower where I am grateful to be relieved of my 75lb burden. Then comes the break down and cleaning. Ugh! So, if offered a choice it’s a no brainer to me, boat every time! Maui has many to choose from and I have tried most. B&B Scuba is my favorite. They are personal and make everyone feel like your part of their Ohana (family) before the trip is done. The journey starts early and after 2 dives the trip is usually finished by 10am leaving the rest of the day for more fun activities to be enjoyed. Lets get wet! Check these guys out: http://www.bbscuba.comb/ Be sure to make your condo reservation now so you can dive with the whales!!!

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