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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Maui through the past

In my years of living on Maui I have come to believe that this Island I call home is alive. It beats to its own drum. You have a choice to dance with the beat or the beat will smash you! This is obvious with the ever changing stores, construction and infrastructure pushing Maui to progress with the times. But Maui has a way of holding on to its roots; the past is very alive. So many places have been lovingly restored and protected by people who saw the future and what would happen if they didn’t take action. I for one, am very grateful to these Kapuna (elders) for their wisdom and concern for the Aina (land). When you come to Maui, take a hike in Iao Valley and feel the awesomeness of this lush valley containing the only fresh water river that Maui has to offer! If you want to really experience Maui for what she has, talk to real locals (kamaiana). Most are happy to share the old ways to a willing heart & ear. For instance, while on deliberation from jury duty, a Tutu (gramma) taught us how to make roses from Ti leafs. I am always thrilled to learn from our Kapuna. Hope you have the chance to learn something new while you’re here too. There are so many opportunities if you are looking for then. Make your reservation at AA Oceanfront Maui Condo Rentals today so you too can explore what Maui has to offer.



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