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Monday, December 20, 2010

Kite surfing in Maui

Wow, the wind was up today. Not a day for a dress. But it is a wonderful day to be out kite surfing or sailing on the ocean . That’s one of the fun things about Maui, no matter the weather, there is always something fun to do. Just look out and see, should I go driving, diving or sail today? Kihei and Lahaina have the most to offer, depending on your style, we have it. You know, some days I just want a slow time warp where there is hardly any traffic or noise. We have that too! I love going to Jaws! In the winter the waves get to be over 50 feet high and helicopters drop surfers on top of them to ride the waves to the shore line where the cliffs are lined with people like me in awe of the raw power of the ocean and mans drive to conquer it. The view is Breath taking! But I will talk more on this when the waves are HUGE!!! Here is a link to see Jaws near Hookipa: www.hookipa.net/D5.html



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