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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Children Hula in Maui

The cutest to watch are the little children dancing hula! At this event you can learn a move or two for yourself to take home and wow your friends with the culture you picked up on vacation! This November 12-14 at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel (808) 661-0011 or (800) 262-8450 www.hawaiiculture.com/main/hula_o_na_keiki/hula_o_na_keiki.aspx
This children's solo hula competition celebrates it's 20th year in November. The weekend competition includes arts and crafts, cultural displays, hula workshops, and beautiful Hawaiian entertainment, while celebrating and featuring our island keiki (children) as they humbly perpetuate the Hawaiian culture. So do something out of the norm and get your Hawaiiana on!



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