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Friday, August 27, 2010

Full Moon Motorcycle ride in Maui

Tuesday was a fabulous full moon. During the day you could see it over Haleakala Mountain! My husband & I along with 6 new friends including a couple visiting Maui from Switzerland, rode our motorcycles from Kihei Maui to Lahaina Maui, leaving at 6:30 pm. After driving straight into a breath taking sunset, we cruised down Front Street in Lahaina just in time to see the green flash. Then on we rumbled to Lulu’s in the Cannery Mall to enjoy a great meal together. We have been hosting this full moon ride for quite awhile now, but never has it been comedy central like this night. Everyone laughed so hard our sides hurt. When the time came that we must part company, we rode back to the South Side of Maui under a very full, bright and close moon, slight cool tropical breeze, light dancing on the flat sea, we rode on through the mountains and back to the sea. What a ride! If you’d like to see where we go to eat check this link out. They serve really good food. www.luluslahaina.com/

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