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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The "Flash"

For all you wonderful blog readers out there, I have to tell you, if you’re not in Maui, you’re missing out. It has been a wonderful summer thus far. With our white sand beaches in Kihei, and my favorite, secret beaches, I have no problem finding a place to bring my lawn chair and enjoy a beautiful sunset. This time of year the sun sets behind the island of Lanai so if you want to see the infamous green flash, drive to Lahaina although during winter it’s best in Kihei. There, just before the sun disappears into the water till morning, for just a fraction of a second, there…wait....the flash! Once you see it, you’re hooked!! Or at least I was. It is like it got in my blood and became part of me. I want to see it again and again! Every sunset is different. Some paint the sky with multi colors and hues of blue, with pink streaks darting across to capture unsuspecting clouds and light them up in the most brilliant displays of pinks and oranges. Well, I hope you can come and experience this for yourself. See you in Maui at the “flash”!


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